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Window Tinting

Tinted vehicle windows are more than a fashion statement. They can increase safety, help protect your car's value and enhance your personal comfort. Trust the experts at Dick Hannah Collision Center to apply tint to your vehicle's windows that looks like the glass was made that way. No wrinkles, bubbles or scratches. And the installation is guaranteed for life.


During auto accidents, tinted windows help shattered glass adhere together and protects the occupants of the vehicle. Window tints help to reduce dangerous glare from the sun, snow and from oncoming headlights. Harmful UV rays from the sun, even while you're inside your vehicle, contribute to skin cancer. Tinting your windows may block up to 99% of those damaging rays.

Protect your car's value

Sunlight and heat cause car upholstery to crack and fade. Car tinting acts as sunscreen for your vehicle.

Personal privacy and comfort

Window tinting protects your privacy as well as the contents within a car. Thieves cannot steal what the cannot see. With window tints, car interiors are generally up to 60% cooler on the hottest summer days.

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